Arrival at Tignes, France

Good Afternoon everyone!

It is exciting to be writing this from Tignes and not boring on England. It was a mission to get here. A 2:30am start and a journey that took 12 hours due to traffic and incidences in Geneva and the border between Geneva and France. It is now 4pm, I’ve braved the bus to get my skis and poles and I’ve stood through the snow, getting wetter and wetter, waiting for the return bus.

I am now happily unpacked in the hotel and have had some lovely cake. The Head Chef has been very accomidating to my allergies and intolerances and my iron deficiency, so I am looking forward to see what meals he comes up with for me.

I wanted to take a good picture of my books for this week in front of the snow, but our hotel is actually quite low down and the view from the window is less than great.

I have been ambitious with my books for this week, taking 6 with me! Though I will be skiing through the day, I hope to get a lot of reading done during afternoon tea at 4pm and in the evening.

This is Le Dome, the hotel chalet we are staying in this week. It is small and charming. I am looking forward to staying here for the week. Inghams (the company we booked with) are always up for a laugh, make good food and good conversation.

So, of the books I’ve bought with me this week:

1 – Strange Star by Emma Carroll

2 – Brightstorm by Vashti Hardy

3 – The Storm Keeper’s Island by Catherine Doyle

4 – Lost Boy by Christina Henry

5 – The Mermaid by Christina Henry

6 – The Surface Breaks by Louise O’Neill

I will post when I’ve finished a book but I’ll also try and post if anything exciting happens on the holiday. Anyone else have any holiday’s booked this year?

Hannah xoxo

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