36. The Girl Who Walked On Air by Emma Carroll

This was another book I got for my birthday and the last Emma Carroll book I have to read 😦

Synopsis (as found on the back of the book) is as follows:

Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls!

We bring you the sensational story of Louise Reynolds, whose dream is to be a circus showstopper. Her tightrope talents put the finest performers to shame. Yet her path to fame is a rocky one. To travel it, Louis must first:

Witness a terrible accident.

Meet two mysterious strangers.

Cross Niagara Falls.

And look death square in the eye.

Will Louie find the courage, Ladies and Gentlemen, to face such challenges and become…The Girl Who Walked on Air?

Ability to read – There is an ease in the way Emma Carroll writes that has you effortlessly thrown into the pages of her books and taken along for the ride. It was easy to get into the book and be able to understand what I was reading. My ability to read this was very good and I didn’t feel like I was stuck or unable to understand anything.

Characterisation – I thought Louie was an exceptional character. Her dreams and her determination to succeed made her a fearsome character but she had so much charm and a sense of innocence that it was impossible not to love her as a character. She experiences more than most on the road to her dream and takes everything in her stride, never once faltering or giving up on what she wanted.

Visualisation – Again, as with all Emma Carroll books I have read, I found it easy to visualise what was happening and pain a vivid picture in my head. The descriptions and details were rich and helped create just a detailed picture for me to view.

Uniqueness – I have hardly read any books about the circus, so that element was super unique for me. Everything Emma Carroll writes, has a unique voice and story to tell. Her characters are always the most unexpected heroes and have the best stories to tell.

Hannah xoxo

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