Weekend Catch Up

I managed to read four books this week, which is quite good for me. I only have 11 books left to read from my birthday before I’m back to reading the books that have been piling up in my bedroom. I am trying to be on a book ban until April – as I reckon it will take me till the end of April to read all the books in my room (and I’m probably being super unrealistic with that goal.)

This week has gone super quickly, which has been great as Friday was pay day and money was much needed.

I haven’t decided what books I’m going to read next week, I will probably pick randomly from the 11 birthday books and go with that. Randomly picking books is usually what I do, because I’ve learnt from experience that when I try to read on a schedule or in a certain order, my enthusiasm towards books dwindles and I find myself not wanting to read.

Today I am going to London with my best friend to see ‘The Play That Goes Wrong’. I am very excited.

Sunday is of course Mother’s Day. I am excited to give my Mum a present and remind her how much I love and value her as a person and as my Mum.

Also, very excitingly, my Dad has booked himself, myself and Mum in to see Midsummer Night’s Dream at The Globe in August. I’m so, so, so excited for that because I love Shakespeare and have always wanted to go to The Globe Theatre.

The amount of theatre productions I’m seeing this year is growing every month!

I’m looking into seeing if I can see musical on Broadway when I go to America in September.

I did a lot of research on Thursday and Friday to ways to improve my posts for Instagram. Obviously what I really need is a light box and some equipment but I don’t have the money for that, so after reading and reading many articles, I got some reliable but cheap hacks to the products I can’t afford and hopefully this will mean that I will be able to post more artistic book instas that look a little more professional.

Next week I am going to rent a car – for the first time in my life – so my friend and I can take turns in driving up to Newcastle to see our bestie. Last time we went my friend did all the driving, so it’ll be less stressful with us both doing it.

Have you got any weekend plans?

Any tbr plans for April?

Hannah xoxo

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