41. The Four-Fingered Man by Cerberus Jones

This is the first book in a multi pack of five that I got in a book people haul. It is a children’s series – but I often find that children’s books have more imagination and surprise to them.

Synopsis (as taken from the back of the book) is as follows:

When Amelia’s parents decide to reopen an old hotel, she and her new friend Charlie quickly discover that there’s more to The Gateway than meets the eye.

Not only is it creepy, cavernous and run by a cranky caretaker called Tom, but the guests aren’t your typical human visitors…

Ability to read – This book was as thick as my pinky finger. It wasn’t going to be difficult to read. I found it captivating and exciting, mysterious and curious, addictive and amusing. (I may have read all five books in one day.)

Characterisation – Amelia is a strong willed and determined young girl who has made the best of her family’s move and as such has uncovered secrets she wasn’t supposed to know. Both Amelia and Charlie are detective sleuths in training – or that’s what they believe they are – and they will investigate whether you like it or not.

Visualisation – It was very easy to visualise what was going on in this story. The descriptions and details were on point and brought to life a vivid story with great characters and surprises throughout.

Uniqueness – This was amusing and interesting. Amelia and Charlie are such powerful characters and each has their own unique voice which offers a different view of what is happening. The book is short but such a great read.

Hannah xoxo

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