Weekend Catch Up

This week has been a busy week for everything!

Last Sunday I read 6 books in a day! Granted they were short books but still!! #readinggoals

This week, I shied away from continuing to read Katherine Arden’s trilogy and instead delved into Anthony Horowitz’s House of Silk novel, which I am thoroughly enjoying (and will have probably finished by the time this goes live.) I have also got his book Moriarty to read afterwards.

It is Easter this weekend and I am lucky enough to not have to work on Bank Holidays. This week though, I kept forgetting what day I was on and where I was going and what I was doing. It was a bit embarrassing.

It is just my parents, my granny and myself for Easter as my sister is on holiday with her family. I am feeling super smug about the Easter presents I have for my parents and can’t wait to see their reactions when I give them on Sunday.

I have been trying to get more instagram likes/follows by shaking up my instagram game and producing better looking pictures. So far I’ve seen an increase of at least 5 likes on each picture I post. It’s not a big increase but it’s a start, so I’m staying positive about it.

I have eight books left to read from my birthday.

I’m not doing very well on my book ban!

I bought 4 more books at a garden centre last week as they had an offer ‘2 books for ¬£5’. I really shouldn’t be allowed out with my bank card.

As the sun is peeking out more and more, so my desire to read grows bigger and bigger. I long for the day when I have read all the books in my bedroom so I can fill it up again with more books to read. My book lists on Amazon stare at me with longing to be bought but I am trying my hardest to resist their call.

Outside of books, I have taken up adult colouring again and enjoy doing that usually while watching Bones – which I’m currently super into, and now on season 9.

I am also enjoying a revisit to some very old fan fictions that I wrote 8-10 years ago and am reworking them to post afresh on my fanfiction account.

I am slowly rewriting an original series of mine from third person into first but it is VERY slow going as I keep procrastinating and either find the process dull or over complicated as I add as much as I take out.

I’m baking a cheesecake as my contribution to Easter. It’s a Skinny Raspberry Cheesecake – low on sugar and I’m really excited to bake it. I love baking and my speciality is cheesecakes. I just haven’t had the time to back recently.

Hope you all have a fabulous Easter.

Hannah xoxo

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  1. Carole says:

    I love House of Silk. Horowitz is such a good writer. Happy Easter all!


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