42. The Warriors of Brin-Hask by Cerberus Jones

Book two of The Gateway series. Cerberus Jones is actually the collective name for the three authors who write the series, who are: Chris Morphew, Rowan McAuley and David Harding.

Synopsis (as taken from the back of the book) is as follows:

The Gateway Hotel is open for business, and Amelia and Charlie are awaiting their newest intergalactic arrivals – the fearsome and mysterious Warriors of Brin-Hask.

But the kids soon discover that the Brin-Hask aren’t their only new guests. A plague of not-so-ordinary rats has infested their kitchen too…

Ability to read – Again, I had no problems when reading this book. The language is easy to understand as the target audience is young. I thought the descriptions of the Warriors of Brin-Hask were amazing, even though they were supposed to be fearsome warriors, I just wanted to pick them up and cuddle them.

Characterisation – Here, Amelia and Charlie have a little more determination and need to explore and find out more about their intergalactic guests. They are more confident and more involved with what is happening within The Gateway hotel.

Visualisation – Let’s just put it out there, the Warriors of Brin-Hask were cute AF. I found it very easy to visualise what was happening and to create that picture in my mind. All scene changes were smooth and set up each new scene very well.

Uniqueness – The intergalactic guests were very unique to me. I haven’t read many space or science fiction stories, so to me the characters seemed unique and interesting.

Hannah xoxo

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