Weekend Catch Up

I tried to capture the bluebells on a walk this week. You can see them if you squint really hard and look in the back middle of the photo.

All of this week I have had to remind myself what day it is! I love a bank holiday but the Easter Bank Holidays always confuse me as I struggle to remember what day I’m on and what I should be doing. I spent all of Tuesday thinking it was Monday and all of Wednesday thinking it was Thursday. It didn’t help that I was only working three days this week, so I was even more confused than usual.

I have read quite a bit this week and I’m quite proud of that. A gap is emerging on my shelf, giving me space where books used to be but I am staying strong and not buying anything more at present.

I am fast approaching the halfway point for book reading this year. I set myself a goal to read 100 books, (double what I read last year) and I am almost at my 50th book. It feels like I should be holding a celebration to honour the occasion. I’m not sure what I’ll do when I reach 50 books, maybe I’ll just walk around like a goon with a massive smile upon my face.

This weekend I am driving up to Newcastle with my friend Elly to meet our friend Shannon, who we are spending the weekend with. Elly and I have rented a car for the drive so that we can share the driving. The weekend will be carnage, chaotic and a real adventure, as it always is when the three of us get together. I’m sure there will be a story or two to tell when I get back.

April is almost over and soon it will be May. At the beginning of May on the Saturday, I’m having my monthly scalp, neck and shoulder massage and then in the evening I’m seeing Matthew Bourne’s Swan Lake with family. I am super excited because I love all of Matthew Bourne’s adaptions and we have front row tickets!

On Saturday 18th I am participating in a study for a Dr from Cardiff University, which I am equally as excited as I am nervous. However, it is a good thing to do and I am looking forward to helping the cause.

We had some really hot weather over the Easter weekend but it has now started to get cold again. On Tuesday I was wearing a sleeveless shirt and on Wednesday I was wearing a big jumper!

How is May shaping up for all of you?

Hannah xoxo

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