48. Tin by Padraig Kenny

I have been dying to read this book!!!

Synopsis (as taken from the back of the book) is as follows:

Christopher is ‘Proper’: a real boy with a real soul, orphaned in a fire. He works for an engineer, a maker of the eccentric, loyal and totally individual mechanicals who are Christopher’s best friends. But after a devastating accident, a secret is revealed and Christopher’s world is changed for ever. What follows is a remarkable adventure, as Christopher discovers who he really is, and what it means to be human…

Ability to read – I found this to be a very compelling read. From the opening paragraph I was excited to see what route the story would take. I was able to easily understand what I was reading and was able to immerse myself into the world from quite early on.

Characterisation – I didn’t expect the characters to have so much heart. Nor did I expect that I would fall for them quite so easily. Christopher’s journey was one of heartache and celebration. There was so much depth to his character, it made me wish he was real. Jack and Estelle had so much heart and longed for what they didn’t think they could have, until they realised it was there after all. Rob was the soul of the story, his childlike innocence and serious observations kept the story turning.

Visualisation – I could easily envision what was happening and was able to create a vivid visual pictured fuelled by my own imagination.

Uniqueness – In this case, the hype that I’d built up over the desire to read this was well placed. This book deserves the highest praise. I’m still thinking about it now and I read it a week ago! It lingers in a really good way.

Hannah xoxo

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