Ramble #8

It’s been a funny old week, primarily because I’ve been off work with ghastly cough and have been feeling all round icky. I did start the week at work, feeling fine until a rogue cough at 9:30 turned into a coughing storm of doom and after 5 hours of work, I accepted my colleagues repeated calls of ‘go home’ and did. From Monday afternoon right through to Wednesday evening, the time is kind of a blur. I mostly spent it asleep and going through cold and hot flushes. I can always tell when I’m truly ill because I usually can’t function enough to read a book.

I have this irrationally guilty feeling when I have to take time off work. I think it harks back to a job I had 6 years ago, when I was penalised for taking any time off (at that time, I was experiencing 4 migraines a week and was having to work shifts with those migraines to not get a written warning about days off.) At my current place of work, my old boss wasn’t very warm or helpful when I was ill and needed time off. I have previously had emails stating how inconvenient my sickness has put my boss in, etc. Even though I now have a new boss who is much better and understanding, the guilt over ever taking time off has still lingered. I usually go to work when I’m ill and only accept the need to go home if someone orders me to. I think that comes from thinking that whatever I’ve come down with is a figment of my imagination or not as bad as I think and having someone else verify that I’m sick, reassures me that I need time off. It’s all very confusing.

I actually went back to work on Friday. Odd day to go back to work on, I know but I knew I was well enough to be back. Not 100%, still coughing a little but well enough to do my job. Plus, I needed to have a meeting with my new boss.

I managed to read a few books this week and I’m trying to make my instagram posts friendlier and interact with people on it more. It’s hard for me to interact in with people in any social setting, as it isn’t something that comes naturally and often, I endlessly worry over what I’m going to say for so long that the moment for saying anything at all has long passed.

Anyway, enough internal ramblings. There is going to be plenty of time to read over the weekend – I hope. I’m meeting a friend on the Saturday to exchange belated Christmas presents and for a general catch up. I’m also having my monthly massage, which I’m very excited about because my glands are swollen and I’m hoping the neck massage will help with that.

My Sunday looks free and easy, perfect to do some reading. I haven’t chosen any book to read yet, because as soon as I pick a book, I no longer have any interest in reading it. So, I will most likely pick a book at random. I also have some art work to do on the Sunday, so I can add some new products to my Etsy store.

In 5 weeks I turn 30. I’m pretty alright with that statement, I think my friends and co-workers are more concerned by my age than I am. But, I have just sent out all my invitations for the party I’m having and am now beginning to decide what other things I want for the party.

It’s all go really, which is perhaps why this cough is so irritating.

Anyway, hope your weekend is fab and you get plenty of reading done!

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