Audiobook Review – The Complete Chronicles of Narnia – BBC Radio 4 Adaptation

I love Narnia. I’ve loved it since my Dad read the books to me when I was younger. BBC radio 4 does such wonderful adaptations of books, that when I saw this, I knew I wanted to listen to it.

I’ve already discovered that listening to the thriller books I love, gives me horrible nightmares, so I have chosen to use Audible to listen to Children’s books, Non-fiction books and books that I have greatly wanted to read but know that the language of the book would be impossible for me to process.

It has been a decade since I’ve picked up a Narnian book and read the story within it’s pages. But it is a childhood memory that is never forgotten. Listening as an adult allowed me more time to explore the books and to form my own opinions in ways I hadn’t before.

‘The Magician’s Nephew’ and ‘The Horse and his Boy’ were two books of the series that I loathed as a child because I thought they were boring and unimportant. Listening to these two books especially, made them exciting and gave me a better understanding of the series.

As a child, I thought these were fantastic books with magic and adventure at the core of the story. As a child, I missed all the religious undertones that the book has. As an adult, I was able to fully understand those religious undertones and it made me appreciate C S Lewis a little more and grasp a better understanding of the books themselves.

‘The Last Battle’ was a book that was always a little lost for me, I could never understand how Narnia had fallen so far and seemed so without hope. In listening to this book, I got a better understanding of the story and of the characters. It always irked me that Susan chose not to believe in Narnia anymore and knowing now, as an adult, what C S Lewis meant that to truly mean, it makes me sadder that she’ll forever be separated from those she loved and held close.

Listening to the series allowed me to be more creative in the way I visualized what was happening and I felt that it gave me more opportunity to play with what I was listening to and essentially work past the written word and formulate my own landscape of the series.

This adaption was incredibly well done, with voice actors who were the perfect fit for the characters they played. If you have audible, you can get this entire series for 1 credit, alternatively, it is £28.00. If you’re a fan of the series, I’d seriously consider giving this a go, you won’t regret it.

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