Ramble #9

The start of the week went by quickly.

On Tuesday evening I had interupted sleep.

On Wednesday evening I slept every couple of hours.

On Thursday evening I might have well stayed away.

Oh the drama of insomnia.

This week I read one book, discarded another book, listened to an audiobook and created a new blog post.

I read – Girls of Paper and Fire by Natasha Ngan

I discarded – Can You See Me? by Lynne Lee

I listened to – The Complete Chronicles of Narnia by C S Lewis, dramatized by BBC Radio 4

I created – 3 Fact Book News weekly post

Tbh, I thought January would be a dud month for books because I was really slow in getting into reading after Christmas and the month has sort of snowballed into despair of having to make money last for 6 weeks. So, I’m actually pleasantly surprised by the number of books I’ve read. I think it sets me up nicely towards my goal of 130 books.

I’m currently reading –

  • Last Time I Lied by Riley Sager
  • I Will Make You Pay by Teresa Driscoll
  • The Plea by Steve Cavanagh

I finished my first Audiobook of the year and now I’ve moved onto listening to: The Volunteer by Jack Fairweather, which won the Costa Book Award.

I knew I wanted to read it as soon as it started being featured by publishing houses on Instagram. However, as it is non-fiction I worried about how engaged I’d be and how difficult it would be to read it. (In my experience I have the most trouble processing and understanding non-fiction books.) So, as a happy solution, I got it on Audiobook. I am two chapters in and living for the story between the pages. Whichever way you chose to read this book, you should. It deserves to be experienced.

Outside of books, my creative juices have been flowing like an exploded volcano. If my eagerly anticipated Hobby Craft parcel arrives this weekend, I’ll be doing a lot of painting. More crafts to add to my Etsy store.

Plus, with my 30th birthday coming at the end of February, I have some crafts that I want to do for my birthday celebration party as well.

February is actually looking to be quite a chaotic month.

Within the first week I have 4 birthdays to celebrate.

I’m also busy every weekend in February – which is incredibly rare for me.

The first weekend of Feb, my Dad’s birthday is on the Sunday.

The second Weekend of Feb, I’m going to a giant flea market with my Mum, taking my parents to see Matthew Bourne’s ‘Red Shoes’ Ballet and seeing my Granny for lunch on the Sunday to celebrate her birthday.

On the third weekend of Feb, my cousin is getting married on the 15th, so I’ll be up in London for that.

The fourth weekend of Feb, I’m seeing Phantom of the Opera in London west end with my parents for my birthday.

The fifth weekend of Feb, I have my birthday dinner party, a massage on the Saturday and more birthday celebrations with family on the Sunday.

How am I going to find time to read?!?!?!

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