February Round Up

Didn’t get to read much this month as was busy every evening and all weekends! Definitely feeling the guilt of not reading!

I read 5 books this month, 4 of which were 5 star reviews. Only one disappointment which was my 99p Kindle impulse – Little Girls Sleeping.

I leisurely read the first two Eddie Flynn books because I wanted to savor the experience. The two Helen Phifer books I got on Kindle. I enjoyed both of them but I think I liked the second book – Dying Breath – more. I thought the book ‘Last Breath’ was the third in the series, but it is actually a prequel and I am not getting on well with it at all.

I’ve done really badly with reading books in Jan and Feb. For March, I’m going to try and read 15 books, which was the average I had per month last year. Knowing what I’m like, I’m not going to pre-decide what those 15 books will be but rather, pick at random or pick according to my mood.

Reviews Posted:

The Defense by Steve Cavanagh – ★★★★★

Dark House by Helen Phifer – ★★★★★

Dying Breath by Helen Phifer – ★★★★★

The Plea by Steve Cavanagh – ★★★★★

Little Girls Sleeping by Jennifer Chase – ★★★★

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