#55 The Magic Finger by Roald Dahl

Every Saturday morning the Greg family goes off to shoot animals and birds. But the girl who lives next door hates hunting.
Now it’s made her so angry she’s PUT THE MAGIC FINGER ON THEM ALL. And very strange things have begun to happen . . .

Paperback | 57 pages

Publisher:  Penguin Random House UK (2016, as part of a set of 15 books)

Read: 20th July 2020.

Age Range (if applicable): 7-9 years old.

This book I haven’t read before but I am sure it will be good!

I will say what I’ve said before, no difficulty, just pure enjoyment.

The Greg family are such a classic example of karma. I don’t eat any meat, so I think it would be quite wonderful if animals could talk and hunt us like we hunt them.

At least the Greg’s learned their lesson in the end. Can you imagine how many people the magic finger has cursed who haven’t learned the error of their ways?

Again, as I always say, between Quentin Blake’s illustrations and Dahl’s way with words, visualisation is easy.

I think we can all agree that we’d love to have a magic finger that hands out karma to people who deserve it. I know I have a few people I’d like to zap. It’s quite amazing how much story Dahl can fit into 57 pages. The Greg family certainly had a lesson to learn and I’m glad they changed their tune after experiencing life as a duck.

Another short story read out in the sun. I enjoyed this short read and the message it carried.

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