✨Harry Potter 20th Anniversary: Return to Hogwarts

I had to wait for this to be released on YouTube to be able to buy it and watch it because I did not have sky or now TV subscription. it took less than a minute for my eyes to well up. Harry Potter is the book series that completely changed my life because before Harry Potter reading was something I struggled with and something I didn’t enjoy doing. As a dyslexic and as someone who had difficulties with processing information, reading was definitely a challenge when I was growing up. Harry Potter came out when I was 7 and I distinctly remember my parents reading it to me and being filled with overwhelming joy and curiosity and finding for the first time the desire to read.

so much of my life has been shaped by Harry Potter. from the books and the movies to fanfiction and artist recreations. Harry Potter will always have a large spot in my heart and I’m grateful that I got to experience the books when they were released as a child. Harry Potter became such a home for me because I didn’t have a good time in school, and I didn’t have school friends. I connected on so many levels with Harry Potter and I am grateful for what it taught me and it’s lasting impact on my life.

I was 11 when the first film came out and I think it marked a change in the way I saw cinema. The Harry Potter franchise definitely influenced my desire to study film at university. To me Harry Potter has always been like coming home and it has been there for me through all ups and downs of my life. it is very rare to be so touched by a book, there are many books that I rave about that and that I love but my love for Harry Potter lies in a different space and continues to warm my heart. I now have 5 separate editions of the series. I have the books that I bought when they first came out. I have the books I bought recently so I would be able to keep my original books in better condition. I have the hardback Slytherin edition books. I have the first four of Jim kay’s illustrated books & I have the first illustrated MinaLima book.

There are elements of Harry Potter scattered throughout my home and you’d have to be pretty unobservant to not notice them. The films of Harry Potter have always seemed like a family and watching them reunite on screen for this event was both heart-warming and emotional. I am the same age as Emma Watson, so it really did feel like I was growing up with extended friends three both books and the movies even though we had never met.

the only film in the series that ever scared me was The Prisoner of Azkaban Because I was terrified of the werewolf. something about the skeletal wolf played into the darkest parts of my imagination and played me with nightmares. it was actually my dad who read the third book to me, and he is also dyslexic. unknowingly and until my mother pointed it out Sirius was pronounced Si-rus.

Someone who cries at most films I am an emotional person, and it just comes out with me. I have watched The Goblet of Fire so many times and I still cry. The Goblet of Fire was always my favourite book. in fact I have read the original book so many times that the hardcover is no longer attached and some of the pages are loose.

I cannot even begin to tell you how much I cried while watching this especially towards the end. If using dictate could pick up emotions you would be able to hear the wobble of my voice as I tried to fight off the need to let a few more tears out. Harry Potter means so much to so many people it is shaped so many lives and become the foundation for so many peoples area of growth.

I can imagine slightly the emotions that the cast and crew felt when the last film came to an end because even though I was on the other side as a fan watching the film I realised that I was a part of the first generation to experience Harry Potter and being in that time it’s not something that other generations will experience in the same capacity. I remember reading the Half-Blood Prince while I was on holiday in Australia and I remember hysterically crying at the conclusion of the book and not being able to sort through the emotions I felt properly.

I find it really hard to explain just what Harry Potter means to me because it did have such a big impact and it is kind of like an experience that is only shared by others who were present at the beginning. if I was to liken it to anything I’d imagine it to be the same feeling as those who experienced Star Wars for the first time when it came out. there hasn’t been a children’s fantasy book that has made such an impact since Harry Potter and Harry Potter has this unique quality to draw in everyone Anne to keep itself alive year after year.

To a certain extent Harry Potter is a home for the misfits who felt like they were the only ones experiencing certain thoughts and emotions alone. I mentioned above about not having a good time at school and not having friends. secondary school was a very lonely place for me and Harry Potter offered me an escape from reality that made me feel like I was in a darkroom. with Harry Potter I could imagine myself being best friends with Luna Lovegood and I could imagine myself being celebrated for my differences and I could clearly see myself as an accepted student of Hogwarts.

That will never be a time in my life where I won’t turn to Harry Potter for some sense of comfort. for me Harry Potter is such a sensation because it’s not just telling a fantastical story but it’s also showing the individual journeys of the characters involved. it’ll show shows a great sense of love and compassion, humour and silliness, determination and bravery, fear and darkness, loss and discovery, and shows the intricacies of how friendships and relationships are born and can be broken.

I always identified most with Luna Lovegood and Neville Longbottom because they represented both sides of my personality. nobody at school understood my differences and so I was labelled as weird and I kind of relished that because it at least made me stand apart from the herd of people ignoring my existence. I had a strong connection with Neville Longbottom because like Neville I didn’t realise my full potential until the last moment.

There will never be any other words that bring forth immediate tears and a flurry of intense emotions than the words: “After all this time.” “Always.” and this is what is remembered by Harry Potter fans we will always be fans and we will always see Harry Potter as home.

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